Bulky Built's Keyser Soze



Stats & Info

Sire: BEAR of Bulky Built

Dam: SBK's Annie of Bulky Built

Color: Black Seal, carries tri

Height: 19.5in

Weight: 136lbs

Head Circumference: 30in

Stud Service:  Not Open to Public

Keyser pups are family pets for NFL players and Hollywood Movie Stars. We have even been offered 30 Large for the big guy, but we couldn't, wouldn't part with him. Sometimes average just won't do. Not when the rich and famous are used to all the glitz and glory. Keyser is an unmatched producer and completely one of a king Olde English Bulldogge. Literally out producers himself time and time again, which is incredible for us, and our customers especially. He is a spectacle everywhere we go, a head turner, a delightful surprise for anyone who visits us at iBulldogges. Everyone is welcome... Keyser may take up half of the living room but he is our house pet. His temperament is to die for, he's guardian to our children and protector of our home. Should the occasion arise. He's got incredible situational awareness and only acts protective in extreme circumstance. Basically he doesn't act like a maniac when friends, family or complete strangers walk in the door. However, twice, he's become a force to be reckoned with. We recommend not showing up unannounced. Personality wise he is exactly what we want our puppies to be when they grow up...

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